Visit Cornell at WEFTEC Booth #3401

Visit Cornell Pump at WEFTEC and see how we can save you up to $16,000 per pump in flush water costs ANNUALLY, using our proven Cycloseal® Technology.  Add that to our Cutter Pumps, and you can save money and downtime while attacking troublesome fouling.

Plus, our recent series of NSF pumps brings Cornell innovation and reliability to potable water. We will be able to show you how our complete line of Municipal Pumps can enhance your application:

  • Waste Warrior® Cutter – for aggressive ragging and plugging
  • Immersible – up to 2 weeks submerged in 30′ of water
  • Submersible – Over 40 models, with flows from 80 to 15,000 GPM and heads to 450
  • N Series – solid handling pumps – 2 to 30″ discharge; up to 10″ solids handling capabilities
  • Clear Liquids NSF 61 Certified  – for potable water and low solids applications
  • DuraPrime® – robust construction pumps for bypass work
  • Hydro Turbines – reclaim head for power generation; use green grant dollars wisely
  • STX, STH, STL Self-Primers – wet prime for bypass and plant work.

BOOTH #3401

IIOT Webinar April 15th

Cornell Pump, in conjunction with Pumps&Systems magazine, is hosting a free webinar on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) , and highlighting our Cornell Co-Pilot™ pump monitoring system. We encourage all distributors to attend to see these new innovations. The webinar will provide a better understanding of IIOT, and how a distributorship could leverage this new technology to get closer to your customers.

 We also encourage you to share the opportunity with your end-users. They can benefit from seeing how pump monitoring can help them predict maintenance issues, better understand their operations, and avoid costly shutdowns.

The webinar is at 9:00 a.m. Pacific time (16:00GMT) on Thursday, April 15. Duration is one hour, and there is no cost to registrants. You must register to attend. And, if you can’t make the session live, it will be recorded and available for a month afterwards.


Cornell Closure for Easter Weekend

Cornell Pump will be closed on Good Friday, April 2. We wish all of our customers and distributors a great holiday.

We will return to regular hours on Monday April 5, at 7:00 a.m. PDT.

IIOT Webinar

Heard the Acronym IIOT but you are not sure what it means? Are you an old pro at the Industrial Internet of Things, and wonder how big data analytics can make monitoring your pump easier in 2021? Or somewhere in between?

For any case, Cornell Pump, in conjunction with Pumps&Systems magazine, has an informative webinar for you! On Thursday, April 15 at 8:00 a.m. Pacific, Cornell’s IIOT Sales Manager BJ Warren will walk you through the basics of IIOT, how our Co-Pilot and Pulse monitors can make predictive maintenance easier, share some customer experiences in deploying IIOT, and look towards the future of big data and how the information gleaned from IIOT devices can make running a plant, farm, or mine easier in the future.

The webinar will last about 45 minutes, and include interactive Q&A. The presentation is no-charge, and if you can’t view the event live, you can watch it afterwards—it will be available until May 14. 

You must sign up! The free sign up is available here:

It’s Hot! Hot Oil Cartridge Seal Replacement Video

Cornell is excited about our new cartridge seals available for hot oil pumps. We created a short video explaining the process to convert the seal to new style cartridge version.

You can convert older style Cornell hot oil pumps to accept new style cartridge seals, while utilizing the existing volute and impeller—only replacing the rotating assembly to accept the new seal system.

While the previous seal system has worked well for decades, and can still be employed, the new system has some distinct advantages, including:

  • Safety. Better protection of employees and plant against leaks and failures.
  • Uptime. Improved reliability keeps plant up and operable.
  • Seal Life. Enhanced seal life against coking and product build-up.
  • Maintenance. Installation and repair are easy to carry out with the new seal, and galling is less likely to occur on the shaft.
  • Enhance heat range. Seals are usable up to 4500F/ 232C.

Quick How-To Video on Mechanical Seals

Installing a mechanical seal on a centrifugal pump wrong can be costly and time consuming. Cornell’s newest video on YouTube provides some quick tips and lessons to help make the process smoother.

Mechanical seals play an integral role in keeping pumpage inside the pump. Sealing at the entry/exit point of the rotating shaft, Cornell mechanical seals with Cycloseal® have some distinct advantages over packing, in that they do not require flush water and will not gall shaft, do not require routine adjustment like packing, and last longer than packing before being replaced.

Cornell has several videos showing seal installation you can reference beyond these quick tips, if you want to see a full assembly.

Please check out this informative video, and see the stable of informational and promotional videos Cornell has on our YouTube Channel.

Yesterday was National Cut Your Energy Costs Day

Yesterday was National Cut Your Energy Costs Day. Cornell Pumps are some of the most efficient centrifugal pumps available, with efficiencies up to 89%, allowing installations to cut their energy use immediately when switching to a Cornell.

Operating hundreds or thousands of hours per year, that energy savings could translate into tens of thousands of dollars in savings annually.

Distributors and end-users should consider energy savings, repair costs, and length of warranty, along with NPSH and system design, when choosing a pump.

Throwback Thursday

In 2021, Cornell Pump will celebrate 75 years of business. In 1946 we started in Portland, Oregon, and have been here in Oregon ever since! While we now offer things that would have been science fiction in 1946, such as Cornell Co-Pilot Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT), we still build highly efficient, robust pumps like we have for nearly 75 years.

Photo of assembly area of Cornell Pump, circa 1954.

Cyclone 5RB

A distributor in Montana recently put in a Cyclone 5RB VT turbine (5RB-VT8-50HP-1800RPM). This 5” bowl, 6’ long version of our vertical turbine line will help with irrigation on a ranch.

Cornell officially debuted our VT series last January. Already hundreds have been installed throughout the country. More information about this robust, energy-efficient offering from Cornell Pump, available here: