Cornell Pulse™​

Cornell Pulse is an excellent tool for those who want to check their pump’s health quickly. It’s a compact, wireless device that can measure the pump’s vibration severity and temperature in real time. All the helpful measurements can be viewed through a mobile app, which is available for phones and tablets. When used with RPM², Pulses report data to the cloud and track pump conditions, including the GPS location where the scan occurred. Detecting common pump problems is essential to increase the lifespan and efficiency of the pump. The Pulse is a durable and long-lasting unit, lasting around three years with daily measurements.

Improving efficiencies for longer lifespans.​

Discover the endless advantages of Cornell Pump's Pulse device - your key to efficiency and productivity. Embrace the future of pumping technology with Pulse, and propel your success to greater heights.

Real-time Insights

Cornell Pump Company's Pulse device offers real-time data on pump performance, enabling users to make informed decisions for optimal operation and productivity.

Predictive Maintenance

With advanced monitoring capabilities, Pulse helps predict potential issues before they escalate, allowing for timely maintenance and reducing costly downtime.

Improved Efficiency

By optimizing pump performance based on real-time insights, the Pulse device helps users achieve energy savings and enhanced overall efficiency in pumping operations.

Remote Accessibility

Pulse's wireless monitoring system allows users to access pump data remotely, providing flexibility and convenience in managing pump operations from anywhere with an internet connection.

Co-Pilot™ Features

Monitor Health On-site

Distinguish / Rename Pumps

Use Onboard Power for up to 5 years

Measure Pump Vibration Severity

Log Reports to Review & Compare

Gauge Bearing Frame Temperature

The Pulse App is free in Apple and Android application stores, and new pumps from Cornell are rolling out with Pulse attached. The heartbeat of your system is now measurable whenever you need it. Take the Pulse of your pump!

Use this link to access the free mobile app on Apple

Use this link to get the free app on Android

Have questions about the app: send an e-mail to

Pulse is a free mobile app included on all Cornell Pumps* without a Co-Pilot free charge.

If you want to retrofit a Cornell (or other brands) pump, please get in touch with for pricing and availability.

Phone (503) 653-0330 — generally available 7:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Pacific time, Monday through Friday. We are closed on US holidays.

*Pulse is attached to all pumps where the submergence and operating temperature allow. It may be excluded from specific turbines, refrigeration, hot oil, and submersible pumps.