Hydro Turbines

Cornell Pump offers turbine assemblies that enable industrial plants, small municipalities, and farmers to generate electric power from water sources like wastewater, excess pump head, or natural streams. Even with heads as low as 50′ and flows as low as 90 GPM, usable energy can be produced thanks to Cornell’s innovative turbine design that yields high performance. The turbines come in various configurations and mounting styles, are easy to install, and require minimal maintenance.

Reaction Turbines

Reaction turbines are a cost-effective option for applications with a constant flow and a need for positive outlet pressure, like force mains. These highly efficient turbines can be paired with a flywheel or quick-opening bypass valve to address variable pressure concerns. Compared to Pelton turbines, reaction turbines are a more affordable option.

Pelton Turbines

Pelton turbines are suitable for applications with variable flows and do not require a flywheel or quick-opening bypass valve in the event of grid loss. However, they must be exhausted into the atmosphere and are typically more costly than reaction turbines.