Cornell Employees Celebrate at Oregon Zoo

At Cornell, we don’t monkey around. We take our fun seriously! For Cornell Pump Company’s summer party on August 4th, employees enjoyed a buffet lunch at the Oregon Zoo with hot dogs, hamburgers, and ice cream. Kids met a golden eagle brought out by zoo handlers, and in addition to the zoo exhibits, everyone had the opportunity to ride the zoo train or carousel.
Lucky raffle winners took home prizes including an inflatable raft, super soakers, spike ball game, 3 in 1 toss game, cooler full of camping gear, ice cream maker, smores kit, hotel gift card, wireless earbuds, and more.

Happy 4th of July

We wish our customers and their families a fun and safe 4th of July holiday. Please note that the Cornell offices will be closed on Wednesday, July 4th, in observance of Independence day. Our office will reopen on Thursday, July 5th.

Cornell’s Energy Efficiency Can Pay back in Months

For more than 70 years, Cornell pumps have been among the most efficient in the industry. Our engineers take care in designing robust pumps with excellent hydraulics.

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The efficiency difference can be significant though—the Cornell 6RB pump, with 88% efficiency, has a Brake Horse Power of 124 versus another manufacturer’s pump at 78% efficiency and 139.9 Brake Horse Power. If using electricity at 11 cents per Kilowatt hour, the Cornell Pump would save more than $3,000 a year when run 3000 hours a year. Over five years, the savings is more than $20,000!

Our Pump-Flo sizing program offers examinations of run conditions/ efficiencies of Cornell clear liquids and solids handling pumps.

Pump-Flow Curve Screen


Pump-Flo energy cost calculator

Memorial Day 2018

Cornell Pump Company will be closed on Monday, May 28th, in observance of Memorial day.

Cornell Pinewood Derby & Open House

May 5th was Derby Day in Kentucky; it was also Derby Day in Clackamas! The inaugural Cornell Pump Pinewood Derby was held for both children and adults, in conjunction with an open house to show off employees’ work place to their families.

Winners of the Cornell Pinewood Derby -Clockwise from top left: Alec, fastest car; Drew, most innovative; Savannah, best design; Adult’s league fastest car and best design, Michele Lukowski.

There were thrills, spills, fast cars, and elation. In the end, awards were given for fastest cars and best designs in both the child and adult categories.  Every child participant received a goodie bag, and there were plenty of games, food carts, and giveaways for the whole family.

Cornell hosts great events throughout the year. Right now, we have several open positions; if you or a friend would like to join our team, you can be on board for our next family outing, the summer picnic!

Seal Replacement Video

Cornell’s new instructional video explains how to replace a seal on a pump with a threaded impeller. Useful in manure, as well as some industrial and mining applications, the video can be viewed in conjunction with many of the other instructional videos on Cornell Pump’s YouTube channel.  We cover a range of topics, from replacing wear rings, changing bearings on refrigeration pumps, how to install packing and lantern rings, pulling impellers, and more.

If you have a Cornell Pump maintenance topic you’d like to see covered in a video, please let us know;  e-mail  We’re shooting new videos every month!

Cornell Self Primers Work Well in Tomato Trash Wash



Cornell self-priming pumps replaced electrical submersibles in a tomato processing plant. The pumps are used in the trash wash phase, where tomatoes are cleaned prior to being processed. This wastewater stream carries leaves, grit, dirt; stems, and other materials.

The electric submersibles were unreliable, often failing, and backing up the wastewater into the facility. Given the need to expeditiously process the tomatoes in the short growing season, the delays were very costly to the plant.

The Cornell 6-inch self-primers worked flawlessly.

Learn more about Cornell’s self-priming pump series

Read the original story

Cornell Pump in Kentucky

Cornell Pump, in conjunction with our distributor Endesol, is in Lexington, Kentucky for a regional Pump School.

Dozens of engineers and water operators are learning about municipal applications today.

To see an expanded school offering, check out our annual Pump School in September.

Signaling the Future

Cornell Pump has new, illuminated signs on our building. Featuring the Cornell Pump logo, company name, and tag line Efficient By Design, the new signs replace signs that had been installed when Cornell moved into the building in 1999.

The signs  glow with halo LEDs at night, making Cornell Pump more noticeable and easier to find in the long Oregon winter.  They also look sharp, with an architectural flair.

You can see the Cornell Pump factory in Clackamas, Oregon. If you attend our annual pump school, you can come inside for a tour!

Wednesday March 14 – National Potato Chip Day

Chip photo from 123RF Stock photos, Kwasny221 photographer.

Crinkly, chunky, BBQ, salt & vinegar—there are many ways to enjoy potato chips. Cornell Pump helps in the irrigation, hydro transport, and frying of America’s number one snack food.

Facts about National Potato Chip Day:

  • Chips are rumored to have started in 1853 in Saratoga, NY.  A picky restaurant patron kept sending back his potatoes as too thick and limp. The cook cut the spuds as thin as possible and fried them until crisp—rather than complain, the customer loved them. What we know as potato chips, were called Saratoga Chips and appeared on area menus in the 1850’s.
  • In the early 20th century, chips were packaged as a snack food.
  • Flavored chips appeared in the 1950’s.
  • Chips are over a $15 Billion a year industry.

Learn more about Cornell Pumps for Agriculture.

For information about hydro transport pumps and hot oil pumps, such as those used in making potato chips, download the Cornell Food Processing Pumps Brochure.

Enjoy some potato chips today—which is also National Pie Day in honor of 3.14; the first three digits of Pi π. (You can google a potato chip chocolate pie and have the best of both national days….)