Pump Flo is an online and desktop pump selection software that allows users to input conditions and compare pumps on operating efficiency, impeller trim, NPSHR, flow, HP, and other characteristics. Offered to Cornell distributors, end-users, and potential customers, the software can be used across single pumps, pumps in series, or in fully manual selections. Reports and data sheets are output by the system to allow easy comparisons.

Pump-Flo Web Selector

Access the Cornell Pump-Flo selection tool online from any device. No software download is required and catalogs are updated automatically.

Pump-Flo Desktop

The Pump-Flo desktop application is available for customers who may need access in areas of limited internet availability. Contact the Cornell sales team for download and installation instructions. Periodic update packages are required.

Pump Flo Desktop Catalog Update

Download the catalog update file to install the latest pump information in the Pump-Flo desktop application.

Note: The catalog update file requires a new version of the desktop program as of November 12, 2020. Contact Cornell Sales for more information.