Double Volutes Aid Z-Series Robustness

Cornell’s new ANSI-compatible pump line, Z-Series, features remarkable innovations that make this series more robust, reliable, and efficient than standard ANSI pumps.

One of the standout features of the Z-Series is the innovative Double Volute design. This unique feature prevents shaft snapping from radial forces and significantly increases wear life.

As the impeller adds energy to the fluids, pressure increases around the periphery of the volute. On single-volute pumps, the increasing pressure acts against the impeller area and creates unbalanced radial forces. By contrast, the Double-Volute effectively balances these forces around the impeller to reduce shaft flexure and fatigue.

There is no discernible difference in solids handling capability versus a single cutwater volute. Still, there is an excellent difference in pump longevity and bearing wear due to less shaft deflation. 

Cornell’s Double Volute design helps keep shafts from breaking and extends the life of packing and mechanical seals, wear rings, and bearings – maintaining high hydraulic efficiency.

The new Z-Series, featuring the double volute design on many models, can be seen here:

Our webpage is designed to empower you in your procurement process. You can easily access datasheets and the full-line brochure and use our user-friendly sizing tool to confidently select the perfect Z-Series pump for your ANSI application.

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