Cornell Co-Pilot™

Cornell Pump Company’s Co-Pilot™ device is an innovative IIoT solution, providing real-time pump monitoring and predictive maintenance for optimized performance.

Elevate Your Pumping Precision with Co-Pilot: Guiding Performance, Empowering Efficiency

Cornell Pump Company's Co-Pilot device is an advanced IoT solution to revolutionize pump monitoring and optimization. With real-time data insights and predictive maintenance capabilities, Co-Pilot empowers users to enhance pump performance, prevent downtime, and maximize energy efficiency. Its user-friendly interface and remote accessibility make it a powerful tool for seamless pump management across diverse industrial applications.

Remote Configuration

Users can adapt pump operations in unique or remote environments without needing on-site adjustments.

Advanced Diagnostics

The Co-Pilot system's advanced diagnostic capabilities identify issues that may arise in different settings.

Customized Reporting

The Co-Pilot system generates reports, presenting data and insights tailored to the requirements and preferences of specialized industries.

Specialized Data Visualization

Co-Pilot offers tailored data visualization, providing users with the most relevant and actionable insights for their specific applications.

Co-Pilot™ Features



Predict Maintenance




Data Tracking

Remote Operation

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Cornell Pulse™

Cornell Pump Company’s Pulse™ device is a cutting-edge wireless monitoring system that delivers real-time pump performance data for enhanced efficiency and reduced downtime.