Municipal Pumps

Cornell pumps are a reliable choice for municipal applications such as clear water, wastewater, and grey water. Cornell has provided pumps for municipal installations for over 70 years, offering permanent and temporary/emergency solutions. The new cutter pump effectively reduces waste water ragging, leading to excellent uptime and reduced maintenance costs. With a double volute design, high heads of up to 800 feet, and robust solids handling capabilities, Cornell pumps are appreciated by water managers worldwide. 

On Cornell pumps for Municipal applications, look for the distinctive appearance of the angular, muscular frame to know it’s a high-quality Cornell pump.

Clear Liquid Pumps

Cornell's Clear Liquid pumps are renowned for their durability, reliability, and high efficiency. These pumps are used in various Agricultural, Industrial, and Municipal applications and come in Close-Coupled, SAE Engine Mounted, Horizontal, and Vertical configurations.

Cutter Pumps

The cutter pump was developed to solve the growing problem of clogging caused by flushable materials and cleaning products. This issue leads to downtime, pump damage, and pipe harm. The cutter pump's unique design includes stationary and rotating blades, which allow materials to pass through that would otherwise clog a standard pump. The cutter is adjustable, made from durable materials, and won't impact pump efficiency. It is ideal for municipal, agricultural, and other applications and can be retrofitted onto existing pumps without changing the pump's dimensions.

Hydro Turbines

Cornell has been manufacturing Hydro Turbines for over 50 years, and they are used in various Industrial, Municipal, and Agricultural power generation projects globally. Thanks to our broad range of turbines, we can generate power with heads as low as 55 feet and flows as low as 90 gallons per minute.

Immersible Pumps

The immersible pump/motor features a high-quality, inverter-duty engine with an enclosed P-Base or C-Face design and blower-cooled for optimal efficiency. The motor has a triple redundant sealing system, including Cornell's patented Hydroseal design, to prevent water from infiltrating along the shaft. This design can withstand submergence depths of up to 30 feet for two weeks.

NSF/ANSI 61 Certification Pumps

Cornell Pumps has almost 24 clear liquid/potable water pumps certified with NSF/ANSI 61/372. These pumps are ideal for industrial and municipal applications where water purity is essential, such as drinking water and food washing.

Self-Priming Pumps

Cornell's self-priming pumps are highly efficient and renowned in the industry for their durability, power, and energy efficiency. Their patented-Cycloseal® back plate technology makes them even more durable. These pumps, including the STX, STH, and STL series, are easy to maintain and perfect for wastewater, slurry, and water transfer applications.

Solids Handling Pumps

Cornell has a broad selection of pumps that handle solids, ranging from 1.25 inches to 30 inches in discharge size, to tackle even the most challenging solids-related tasks. These pumps are used in various agricultural, Industrial, and municipal applications. They can be mounted in multiple ways, such as close-coupled, SAE engine, horizontal, and vertical configurations. They have enclosed, semi-open, and delta impellers and are built using various materials. With a capacity of up to 40,000 gallons per minute, these pumps are sturdy, reliable, and ideal for a wide range of tasks.

Submersible Pumps

Cornell Submersible pumps are highly efficient and equipped with premium efficient motors. They are designed with heavy wall volutes to last longer under abrasive service. Cornell’s auto-coupling system includes a cast iron discharge elbow, bronze guide claw flange, and Stainless Steel upper and intermediate guide rail brackets for a safe, high-quality operation to prevent spark generation.

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