Cartridge Seals Aid Z-Series in Harsh Environments

The newest pump models from Cornell, the Z-Series ANSI compatible line, utilizes a cartridge seal for ease of operation.

The Z-Series pumps have highly efficient and adaptable cartridge seals, providing the best possible sealing solutions for harsh operating environments. Cartridge seals offer easy installation and service, ensuring minimized downtime and maximizing productivity. Their flexibility and reliability can be used across various pump models, delivering consistent and optimal performance even in the most challenging conditions. So, whether you need to move abrasive slurry or corrosive chemicals, the Z-Series pumps, with their superior cartridge seals, have you covered for ANSI-compatible applications. 

Cartridge seals give flexibility and options to the Z-Series. Designed for rapid installation onto and removal from pump shafts, cartridge seals are an easy-to-service part. Some advantages of the seals include: 

  • Thermal management for improving heat conduction 
  • Significant torque capabilities versus component mechanical seals 
  • Self-alignment 
  • Industry-standard design 
  • Technician familiarity 
  • Quick installation 
  • Various selections to meet sealing needs 
  • Easy handling 
  • Visible connection ports 
  • Galling resistance  
  • Numerous materials of construction available 
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