From Standard to Superior


We are excited to unveil the latest addition to the Cornell family: the new Z-Series of ANSI-compatible pumps! This project represents a significant milestone, offering an efficient, cost-effective, and reliable solution tailored to the dynamic demands of the single-stage end suction centrifugal market. ANSI pumps find applications across various industries, including textiles, chemicals, mining, marine, and more.

Z-Series Key Features

ANSI Compatibility
Easily placed or replaced into standard piping and base mount.

Centerline Construction
Conforms to industry standard design.

Frame Mounted, Engine Mounted or Close Coupled
Multiple mounting options to best suit users’ needs.

Ductile Iron or CD4MCU
standard design
Significantly stronger and more corrosion-resistant than many other manufacturers’ cast iron ANSI pumps, The Z-Series builds on its robust reliability from cast-on-up

Thick wall casings exceed industry standards to prolong life.

High Strength Shaft
Cornell’s oversize shafts help with deflection and wear.

Cornell Co-Pilot™ pump
monitor ready

The industry-leading rotating equipment monitor is now a standard.

Enclosed impeller
Increasing efficiency with enclosed impeller.

Oversized Oil lubed bearings
Oversized bearings better dissipate heat and prolong life, while oil is standard in ASNI configurations.

Bearing frame isolators
Protects against contamination ingress and lubrication loss, helping significantly increase the longevity and reliability of Z-Series.

Type 1 Single or Cartridge Single Seals Standard
Multiple sealing options allow maximum flexibility across applications.

Redi-Prime/ RunDry™ Capable
Cornell’s patented Redi-Prime® system allows for unattended priming and re-priming. At the same time, the RunDry™ option enables the pump to survive if it were to accidentally run without liquid media in the pump for some time.

Hydraulic balance line
Cornell’s feature makes the pump look unique—but more importantly, it helps reduce axial thrust without having to drill efficiency-sapping holes in the impeller.

Z-Series, designed by Cornell, the industry leader in efficiency and innovative design, is not just ANSI dimensionally compatible but also a reliable choice. Consider the difference between a cheap single-blade razor and a sleek multi-blade razor with refinements and features. Both may fit dimensionally in the same space, but their performance, longevity, and ease of use differ. Similarly, Z-Series ANSI pumps offer a level of reliability that sets them apart.

Discharge Size Range2” To 8”
Max Solids Handling2.5”
Max Flow5,000 GPM
Max Head750’
ModelDischargeSuctionSolids HandlingData Sheet
2313ZX2”3”0.5”Data Sheet
3408ZX3"4"0.6"Data Sheet
3413ZX3”4”0.5”Data Sheet
4613ZX4”6”0.83”Data Sheet
4617ZX4"6"0.93"Data Sheet
6813ZX6”8”1”Data Sheet
6815ZX6”8”1.12”Data Sheet
81013ZX8”10”1.31”Data Sheet
81015ZX8”10”1.25”Data Sheet
81017ZX8”10”1.12”Data Sheet

Industrial Process Applications

Z-series centrifugal pumps’ robust build and higher efficiencies position the series to offer better results than standard ANSI pumps. Easy access to parts and Cornell quality since 1946 make the Z-Series an easy choice for these industries:

Municipal Purposes

Cornell has been involved in municipal applications since designing hydro turbines for Northwest electrification projects in the early 1950s. Our design knowledge and application expertise make the Z-Series uniquely suited to tackle water and wastewater applications such as:

*NSF certification forthcoming

Cornell Pump - Decades of Progress

Cornell Pump has been designing and manufacturing pumps near Portland, Oregon, since 1946. We’re a trusted manufacturer of durable and high-efficiency pumps, delivering unparalleled value to our customers. Our Z-Series pumps are engineered to meet the demanding requirements of industrial, municipal, mining, and other applications, providing unparalleled reliability, compatibility, and interchangeability. With a broad range of pump models and configurations, we can easily integrate our pumps into your existing systems. Moreover, we support custom system designs to meet your specific needs. Our team of technical and engineering experts is among the best in the industry and can provide innovative pump solutions of the highest quality.


Our team of expert engineers designs pumps to meet the varying demands of industry applications, such as solids handling, slurry, and head requirements.


We put our experience and knowledge to work to produce tested designs with some of the highest efficiencies of any pumps on the market.


Models range in size from 1” to 24”, and a range of configuration options are available for each model – including frame and engine mount options and Cornell features like Run-Dry™ and Redi-Prime®.


Cornell Pump proudly maintains its ISO 9001:2015 certification, which validates that Cornell complies with all necessary processes to meet customer requirements. The elements associated with ISO 9001:2015 certification include contract review, design and development, production, purchasing, quality control, and service.