Cornell Pinewood Derby & Open House

May 5th was Derby Day in Kentucky; it was also Derby Day in Clackamas! The inaugural Cornell Pump Pinewood Derby was held for both children and adults, in conjunction with an open house to show off employees’ work place to their families.

Winners of the Cornell Pinewood Derby -Clockwise from top left: Alec, fastest car; Drew, most innovative; Savannah, best design; Adult’s league fastest car and best design, Michele Lukowski.

There were thrills, spills, fast cars, and elation. In the end, awards were given for fastest cars and best designs in both the child and adult categories.  Every child participant received a goodie bag, and there were plenty of games, food carts, and giveaways for the whole family.

Cornell hosts great events throughout the year. Right now, we have several open positions; if you or a friend would like to join our team, you can be on board for our next family outing, the summer picnic!