Two Cornell 14NHG 28RPEMTB pumps help alleviate failure of previously installed pumps; working flawlessly since 2011. A municipality in the United Arab Emirates had installed twin 700 HP submersible sewage pumping equipment in 2005. Repetitive failures of these pumps occurred due to system mismatches and severe vibrations. Lacking adequate backup and given the systems problems,… Read more »

Cornell 8H-VC18 Pumps Form a ‘Green Dragon’

Muscle, Ingenuity, and Determination need to move Cornell Pumps 250 Miles into the Jungle to Supply Fresh Drinking Water Two vertical mount 8H-VC18 units were installed in the Colombian jungle on the river Caucasia, about 400 kilometers (248 miles) South of coast. Because of some interesting features, the installation earned the nickname the Green Dragon…. Read more »

Designed To Order

4NHTA-F18 Duplex Pump is Special Made for SoCal Sewer Lift Station Project. Cornell produces thousands of pumps per year—and many have special features or design components. Cornell is happy to supply our distributors and customers these custom built solutions—it’s part of our customer service philosophy. A Southern California distributor had just such a special request…. Read more »

California Capacity Reclamation Relies on Cornell

30NNT-VF30 Pump helps California City with Waste Water A city in northern California wanted to install a brand new reclamation system to be in compliance with state requirements. Building a new facility, rather than simply adding a pump into an existing system allowed them to consider numerous manufacturers. Cornell competed against three other well-known manufacturers…. Read more »

Cutter Pumps

The Problem: Three (3) Cornell Model 6NHTB’s had been installed and working at the site since 2007. The original operating conditions were 1800 gpm @ 97 feet TDH for each pump, at 1200 rpm. The station had been experiencing flow interrupting blockages 1 – 2 times per week, caused by excessive amounts of non-digestible, uncommuted solids in the collection system…. Read more »

Michigan County Selects a Cornell Pump to Replace Failing System in Pump Station

The Problem: Previous installation of vertical line shaft and dry pit pump design. The station was becoming increasingly expensive to maintain and operate. Adding to maintenance issues were the pump station’s age and location—it had been operating for more than 30 years within a floodplain. The station was flooding several times a year, requiring costly repairs… Read more »