Peruvian Wastewater Treatment by Way of Montana

6NNT_MONTANA (1)icon-75x75-municipal6NNT dredge pumps help remove sludge lagoon biosolids in Peru

For over 45 years a Cornell customer based in Montana has helped their customers meet their most difficult pump and dredging challenges. This Cornell customer manufactures unique, high quality floating dredges for industrial and municipal applications.

In 2011, they had a request from a municipal wastewater treatment plant in Peru, for two dredges mounted with Cornell 6NNT-30HP-1800rpm submersible pumps to dredge biosolids and residuals from a municipal wastewater treatment plant. The pumps operating conditions are 1500 GPM @ 50’ TDH each.

The company mounted Cornell 6NNT pumps on floating dredges. They attached cutterheads to help break up the sludge that has settled on the lagoon floor. The floating lagoon dredge pumps are portable, fully automated, unmanned remote controlled units.

The dredges help remove settled wastes and other by-products that no longer may be scattered over the countryside, but, instead, must be contained in settling ponds or lagoons, built to prevent wastes from leaching into the water-table.

These pumps have been in operation since 2012 with no issues.

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