Cornell’s Hydraulic Fracturing Water Transfer Pumps bring the Power

MX_6822_ALBERTA_OIL_SHALE (1)icon-75x75-oilgasIn Alberta Oil Shale, Cornell bests competitors’ pumps with the MX6822

An Alberta oil field service company providing water transfer services, mostly supplying frac water, had purchase some 6” pumps from a Cornell competitor. After the oil field company put them in service, they realized they did not produce the volume and pressure required to do the job.

The customer approached a Canadian Cornell distributor for a better option. Three MX 6822 engine mount pumps were sold and then mounted on diesel engines with trailers. The customer now is completely satisfied and cannot believe how much more volume and pressure he can get with the Cornell over the competitors pump. Operating conditions are 3000 GPM at 400’ TDH.

Cornell’s MX series, introduced in 2011, are high-head pumps, with three or four vane enclosed impeller designs. MX pumps handle up to 2” solids with excellent efficiencies; up to 75 percent. The MX series features high operating pressures, is useful for high flow requirements, and come with Cornell’s renowned dependable and high quality construction. Heads up to 800’, flows of 8,00 GPM, and operating pressures of 300 PSI are attainable with the Cornell MX series.

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