New 8NHG19 Pump Hits Sweet Spot for Flow and Head

icon-75x75-oilgasNew Pump features 7,000 GPM, 625’ of head, and 82 Percent Efficiency!

As oil companies push to establish more wells for increased US production, the demand moves toward more flows and higher pressure to maintain adequate water supply at multiple hydraulic fracturing sites. Often companies are limited by pipe size, since they have lay the pipe out on top of the ground at the start of the job, and then take it up after the job is complete. As new pipe and hose hit the market carrying higher pressure ratings, companies continue to try to push more water through the same size pipe.

Earlier this year one of our Texas based OEM’s was approached with an application which required 4,500+ GPM at over 500’ TDH. This design condition hit right in between two our larger pumps that we regularly sell into the water transfer/oil field market. Our 6822MX can easily hit the head, but cannot quite hit the max flow. Our 8NHTH would easily hit the max flow but would fall well short on head. The only pump that we had capable of doing the job was our 81026MX pump which released late last year. The HP required to drive this pump coupled with its sheer size made this pump impractical for this particular application.

Cornell’s Solution: After an extensive R&D process, Cornell now has a new pump model that exceeds the customer’s expectations. The 8NHG19 is a high flow, high head, and high efficiency pump.

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