It’s Hot! Hot Oil Cartridge Seal Replacement Video

Cornell is excited about our new cartridge seals available for hot oil pumps. We created a short video explaining the process to convert the seal to new style cartridge version.

You can convert older style Cornell hot oil pumps to accept new style cartridge seals, while utilizing the existing volute and impeller—only replacing the rotating assembly to accept the new seal system.

While the previous seal system has worked well for decades, and can still be employed, the new system has some distinct advantages, including:

  • Safety. Better protection of employees and plant against leaks and failures.
  • Uptime. Improved reliability keeps plant up and operable.
  • Seal Life. Enhanced seal life against coking and product build-up.
  • Maintenance. Installation and repair are easy to carry out with the new seal, and galling is less likely to occur on the shaft.
  • Enhance heat range. Seals are usable up to 4500F/ 232C.
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