IIOT Webinar

Heard the Acronym IIOT but you are not sure what it means? Are you an old pro at the Industrial Internet of Things, and wonder how big data analytics can make monitoring your pump easier in 2021? Or somewhere in between?

For any case, Cornell Pump, in conjunction with Pumps&Systems magazine, has an informative webinar for you! On Thursday, April 15 at 8:00 a.m. Pacific, Cornell’s IIOT Sales Manager BJ Warren will walk you through the basics of IIOT, how our Co-Pilot and Pulse monitors can make predictive maintenance easier, share some customer experiences in deploying IIOT, and look towards the future of big data and how the information gleaned from IIOT devices can make running a plant, farm, or mine easier in the future.

The webinar will last about 45 minutes, and include interactive Q&A. The presentation is no-charge, and if you can’t view the event live, you can watch it afterwards—it will be available until May 14. 

You must sign up! The free sign up is available here:   https://www.pumpsandsystems.com/webinar/how-pumps-valves-more-benefit-remote-monitoring

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