Introducing the 81022MPL, 4817T, and 4817MP pumps for solids handling manure applications and beyond!

Cornell Pump is excited to introduce three new pump models with solids handling capabilities, the 81022MPL, 4817T, and 4817MP. Useful in many instances, these three pumps especially excel in manure transfer applications.

All three models are made with Cornell’s legendary robust construction, and feature industry-leading hydraulics, warranties, and Cornell’s patented Cycloseal® no-flush required mechanical seal system.

The 81022MPL features a 8” discharge and 10” suction, and is designed for high-operating pressures. MP pumps are specifically designed for coarse abrasive slurry applications, and the 81022MPL delivers. Constructed with high chrome iron and stainless steel components, the pump has a Brinell hardness rating above 650. See technical specs on the PDF Data Sheet.

The 4817T adds to the N/T series of solids handling pumps, with 4” discharge and 8” suction. The N/T series of pumps has our greatest breath of solids handling option with discharges from 3” to 30”, and more than 50 models available. The 4817T employs an enclosed multivane impeller to achieve BEP of 69%, heads to 460 feet, and flows to 2,880 GPM. See technical specs on the PDF Data Sheet.

The 4817MP also boasts a 4” discharge and 8” suction, but adds the increased Brinell hardness rating of the MP line. Otherwise, the 4817MP is similar to the 4817T in terms of head, flow, and BEP. If you need a more robust pump with those design conditions, the 4817MP is the right choice. See technical specs on the PDF Data Sheet.

Peruse our solids handling pump options. We feature the MP line with our slurry pumps, where we also cover dewatering pumping solutions for abrasive applications in the manure and mining process markets.

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