Cornell Cyclone Short-Set Vertical Turbines Are Shipping Now in Oil-Lubricated and Open Line Shaft

Cornell Pump recently launched our Cyclone® VT Vertical Turbine Pump Series, in both Enclosed (oil-lubricated) Line Shaft (ELS) and Open (media-lubricated) Line Shaft (OLS) designs. The RB series irrigation pumps are recast into robust, single-bowl short-set vertical turbines with Cornell’s signature superior hydraulics and quality.

Ideal in short-set turbine applications for agricultural, municipal, and industrial markets, the Cyclone meets or exceeds efficiencies from other manufacturers in configurations offered. Learn more about the Cyclone Vertical Turbine series on our website.

Data sheets for all sizes: 3,4,5, and 6 inch models, plus a detailed brochure about the Cyclone Series, are available online to download and share with potential customers.

Order now for irrigation season!

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