Happy National Almond Day!

Cornell Pump supports National Almond Day on February 16, 2018!  Many of our pumps aid almond growers in California. According to the Almond Board of California, more than 130 million trees produced about 1.8 billion pounds of almonds in 2016. The 6,800 almond farmers grew nuts for the U.S., along with 90 other countries, and the economic impact was about $11 billion in California.

Whether you grab a handful of roasted almonds as a snack, enjoy them in the Northwest’s own Almond Roca®, or sprinkle them on a salad, we hope you get to partake in tasty almonds today.

Cornell Pump is grateful to connect with farmers and ranchers everywhere to supply robust, high efficiency pumps for irrigation, dewatering, and manure handling needs.    You can see our irrigation and manure pumps here: https://www.cornellpump.com/markets/agriculture/

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