Pump Flo Update – October, 2018

Pump Flo, the pump selection and pump curve software for Cornell Pump, was updated on Friday, October 12, 2018.

In the update, these pumps were added or modified:

Updated models:

  • 3RBVT
  • 6HVT
  • 6RBVT
  • 8STX
  • 8NNW

Removed models:

  • 6NHT
  • 8NNTL

If you are a user accessing Pump Flo from the online application, new pumps and curves will be automatically updated for you. If you use the downloadable version, please visit our website to update your software.

  • Go to the Cornell Pump Pump-Flo page
  • Click “Cornell Pump-Flo Update” to download the update
  • Unzip/extract the file, “cornell.exe”
  • Run the file cornell.exe to install the updated database in your existing Pump-Flo software

If you do not have the Pump-Flo desktop software on your computer, you can download the complete installation file with the current database.

  • Go to the Cornell Pump Pump-Flo page
  • Click “Cornell Pump-Flo Update” to download the update
  • Unzip/extract the file, “setup.exe”
  • Run the file “setup.exe” to install the pump-flo software and database.

Cornell Hydro Turbines

Cornell Pump featured Hydro Turbines at the recently-concluded WEFTEC 2018. Cornell has manufactured hydro turbines since the 1950’s, getting our start with the spate of hydro-electric projects in the Northwest at that time.

With more than 60 years of experience, Cornell Pump’s hydro turbines allow industrial plants, municipalities, and farmers/ranchers to tap available resources for energy recovery. They can use the available power as a revenue source, or as a means to reduce overall energy demand.

Our turbines operate at heads as lows as 50’ and flows as low as 90 GPM. To learn more about our offerings, visit our dedicated hydro turbine page, where you can download brochures, make some preliminary calculations on the energy you can generator (using the form in the hydro turbine brochure), and see the various mounting styles and configurations of the hydro turbines we offer.

Cornell exhibits at Reinke Irrigation Show

Once again, Cornell Pump’s blue tote bags were a hit at the Reinke Irrigation Dealer Convention.  Cornell regional managers and agricultural market manager talked with hundreds of dealers at the annual event.  Open to Reinke dealers, it was held in Spokane, Washington. Our tote giveaway is so popular, that even though we doubled the amount available, all the totes were given out in about an hour. We will bring even more of them next year, Reinke dealers!

You can visit our tradeshows and events page to see where we will have these popular giveways available.

Cornell Pump School Pump Assembly Training Video

Cornell wrapped up our Pump School 2018 about 10 days ago. During our morning factory sessions, we demonstrated the assembly of a clear water pump.

This video shows how the pump goes together and offers maintenance ideas, assembly tips, and also shows questions from audience members being answered.

While pump school in person is the best, this video can be a great help for mechanics, operators, and anyone who wants to see a pump being assembled.

And, it might inspire you to attend a  Cornell Pump training, like our Pump School 2019, on one of the numerous regional schools we hold around the country.

New Mobile Toolkit Available Soon

Cornell Pump has a mobile toolkit application that allows users to calculate TDH, friction loss, and NPSH. It also allows users to select Cornell Products that best match the calculated values, as well as save them for later reference, send them to a colleague, and request a quote from Cornell.

The mobile toolkit will be expanding in the next few weeks; we are currently beta testing a metric version.

The toolkit is available as an application on the Apple Store and on Google Play. When available in the next couple weeks, the metric version will be there as well. Find links to both of these here.

WEFTEC 2018 is going on now!

Cornell Pump is exhibiting at WEFTEC 2018. Stop by booth #529 to see our waste water offerings.

In photo: Ron Aceto, Cornell Pump municipal market manager, explains Waste Warrior 8NW pump to WEFTEC attendees.  Waste Warrior tackles ragging and plugging issues with ease.

Pump School 2018 Advanced Assembly Training

Cornell Pump hosted our 69th Annual Pump School last week. We’ve trained more than 13,000 attendees on hydraulics, pump operation, NPSH A/R, and more at the numerous pumps schools we’ve run in Portland.

Here is a video of the advance factory session, where a Redi-Prime®  unit was being assembled. It provides a good overview of the process for tear down, and answers some question on rebuilds. On our YouTube page, you can see dozens of how-to, promotional, and informational videos from Cornell Pump, in addition to this video on the Redi-Prime assembly.

And consider attending PUMP SCHOOL 2019 in September of 2019, in beautiful Portland, Oregon!

Visit Cornell at WEFTEC 2018

Cornell Pump is busy setting up on a new booth design for WEFTEC in  New Orleans. We hope you stop by booth  #529 to see our N series, Self-Priming, Cutter, and DuraPrime® pumps, as well as our Hydro Turbines for energy recovery, and our Pilot pump monitor system.

WEFTEC is Monday through Wednesday, October 1 through 3, 2018 at the Ernest N Morial Convention Center in New Orleans, LA.

Longtime Cornell Pump Employee Retiring

Lyle Wiese started in 1981.

If you’ve bought a pump from Cornell in the last 37 years, odds are good that some portion of was machined, assembled, inspected, shipped, or tested by Lyle Wiese.  Lyle joined Cornell on January 5, 1981 as a machinist, and has worked at nearly every position available in the shop since then.

He retires at the end of September, after nearly four decades here. When asked to reflect on the time, his advice was “Make sure you’re happy.” Lyle is known for his knowledge, work ethic, and for being happy at pump schools; he led assembly demonstrations at the annual event for decades; only missing one school in all those years to be with his wife on an anniversary cruise.


We wish Lyle the very best in his retirement!


Today (September 25) is One Hit Wonder Day 2018. At first glance, it might seem there is no connection between flash-in-the pan singing success and pumps, but hear us out… (pun intended).

Cornell Pump is the opposite of a one hit wonder; we’ve had a solid string of success with our pumps and products from RB agricultural series, CB open drive refrigeration, hot oil cooking pumps, Cycloseal® sealing system, to new breakout stars in the Arctic King hermetic, STX self primers, SP robust slurry pump, and more.

But, we do enjoy music in the shop where we manufacture all our pumps here in Oregon, and many catchy tunes come over the airwaves of our local Portland FM stations.

So, we are celebrating the day that Steven Rosen, a music journalist at Creem, Rolling Stone, Guitar Player, and many other magazines, created in 1990, to celebrate the fame that some musicians enjoy for a catchy five-minute (or less) ditty.

You can find numerous Top 10/ Top 25, lists of one hit wonders; marketing at Cornell Pump is partial to Safety Dance by Men Without Hats (1982), and 99 Luftballons by Nena (1984).