World Toilet Day 2019

Cornell Pump started in Portland, Oregon in 1946. This weekend, residents of our fair Rose City, were treated to a giant ‘poo’ emoji in Pioneer Square, as a reminder of World Toilet Day on Tuesday, November 19.  An official United Nation’s observance day, World Toilet Day is a held to encourage all people to have access to clean, reliable sanitation by 2030.

At more than 30 feet tall, the emoji holds an immersive theater that explains the need for proper sanitation around the world and how a reliable toilet, hooked to well-functioning sewage and waste water systems, are vital for human health and happiness. And every visitor to take the tour generates a $2 donation to fund safe sanitation.

Cornell Pump has been manufacturing high-quality municipal pumps since the 1950’s. Learn more about our reliable and innovative designs, many of which are used in safe sanitation systems around the world.

Read more about the Giant Poo emoji in Portland, described as an amusement ride, on Portland Local News Station KOIN’s website.

Learn more about World Toilet Day 2019.

And, if you are wondering, after the emoji is flushed from Pioneer Square, Cornell Pump’s hometown will be setting up the 35th Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony, held the day after Thanksgiving.

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