The 10STX self-priming pump from Cornell

10stx2Cornell recently added a 10” pump to our popular STX Self Priming Line. The 10STX seen here getting photographed for our revised self-priming brochures and data sheets.

We’re e10stx3xcited where this distinctive looking self-primer fits in our line. Along with other self-primers in 8”,6”,4”, 3” and 2”, the 10STX offers a high efficiency solution to industrial, municipal, rental, and agricultural applications.

The 10 STX has heads up to 180 feet, and flows to 4,500 GPM. It’s a standard self-primer with a ductile iron wet end and 17-4PH shaft. The bearing frame is larger than most competitors. The flapper is easily installed and removed via a replaceable pin design.

The 10STX can pass a 3” solid. If there ever was a need to remove a solid, the side mounted suction makes it easy to remove the impeller and flapper.

The 10STX is at least 210stx1% higher in efficiency and boosts lower NPSHR than competitors. It can be sped up to 1,800 RPM with a trimmed impeller.

Look for new data sheets and a new Self-Primer Brochure in the next few days. We’ve added a few “sneak-peek” photos and the variable speed curve in this post.

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