Cornell Factory Reps at NWFPA 2017

Cornell Staff will be on hand starting today, January 9th, through Wednesday, January 11th, at the annual NW Food Processors Association Expo. This 3-day show in Portland covers all aspects of food processing. Come down and check out our Arctic King Refrigeration pumps, and learn more about our solids handling pumps for food processing, STX […]

Hot Oil Pumps

Hot Oil Pumps About Features & Benefits Models Available Cornell’s W, Y, RB, and H series clear liquid pumps are suitable for hot oil applications, with the ability to handle flows up to 7,000 GPM and heads up to 540′. Cornell’s latest hot cooking oil pumps feature enhanced vapor handling and improved sealing technology. During […]

Food Process Pumps

Food Process Pumps About Features & Benefits Models Available Nearly 50 years ago, Cornell introduced the Hydro-Transport food process pump, specifically designed to pump food products. Unlike other pumps sometimes used in the food industry, the P and PP series pumps are engineered solely for food processing applications, making them ideal for agricultural and food […]

Food Process

Food Process Pumps Nearly 40 years ago, Cornell revolutionized the food industry by introducing the Hydro-Transport food process pump. Today, our pumps transport food products, like potatoes and tomatoes, with minimal damage. Beyond the P and PP series pumps, Cornell provides pumps for various applications in the food industry, including clear liquids, hot oil, and […]