CD4MCu Pumps in Stock and Ready to Ship!

Cornell has CD4MCu pumps in stock and ready to ship; 13 of our most popular models are available in this duplex stainless steel. CD4MCu provides enhanced strength and corrosion resistance compared to single phase stainless steel. Download Cornell’s CD4MCu pump flyer with information on all Cornell’s CD4MCu pump models! If you need pumps with excellent […]

Cornell History

The story of Cornell starts in 1946 when 5 people working at Pacific Pump Company decided to head out on their own. Having a complete service department, they became familiar with what most of the common pump failures were. Many motor failures came from pressure spikes during operation, overloading capacity and water related failures of the pump end motor bearings. With many parts in stock and facilities to fabricate the rest, Cornell would service any model of pump.