Social Media Milestone—You Could Win Cornell Swag

5000+ followers for Cornell Pump on LinkedIn

Cornell Pump reached a milestone on LinkedIn last week, topping 5,000 followers. We started our LinkedIn page in December 2011, and for many years had only a few hundred followers. It wasn’t until last year that we broke 3,000 followers. Through promoting blog posts, videos, tips, and more, we’ve been able to steadily grow.

And, we are ever-so-close to having 1,000 YouTube subscribers as well! A couple of years ago, we had fewer than 150 subscribers to the channel.   

Thank you if you have followed us already. If you have not, we encourage you to do so on our linkedIn page.

And as an added incentive, we’ll be pulling a few names for some Cornell swag, such as Cornell logoed NorthFace® jackets , Yeti® ramblers, or Maglite® knife/flashlight combos! Great stuff as a thank you! Anyone who has been a follower or follows by July 28, 2020 could be drawn for one of these prizes.

And, a second chance to win;  if we can get our YouTube channel subscribers to 1,000 (we need 67 more to reach that level), we’ll offer up more swag to the drawing.

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