RPM²™ Software Integration System

The RPM² software integration system is an excellent tool that simplifies equipment management. With this system, you can easily track, manage, locate, and perform predictive analysis on all your pumps and other equipment with attached IoT hardware. The system offers different user-level protection, groups and compares equipment performance, alerts you of out-of-condition pumps, and centralizes all your documentation. It’s also easy to track service logs for each piece of equipment by entering completed services and their dates. The RPM² system is an excellent solution for businesses of all sizes, providing a comprehensive and efficient way to manage equipment.

Remote Product Maintenance and Management

RPM² is a software platform that allows users to track, manage, locate, and perform predictive analysis on equipment with attached Internet of Things (IoT) hardware. The software enables different users’ level protection so a company can assign access pertinent to roles. It allows groupings and comparative performance between and among groups and individual equipment, can alert if the equipment is out of condition or moved beyond a specified location, and keeps documentation, such as O&M manuals, operating curves, etc., centralized. The software also offers a service log for each piece of equipment, allowing users to track the time and details of maintenance.

GPS Location

RPM² ™ offers advanced features like GeoFencing, alerting users if equipment moves beyond predefined boundaries. Additionally, it provides asset recovery capabilities in case of theft and maintains a detailed location history for comprehensive tracking and monitoring.


RPM² ™ empowers users to initiate and halt machinery operations effortlessly. It also allows for seamless operating speed adjustment and facilitates automated run conditions' configuration, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

Predictive Maintenance

RPM² ™ establishes a reliable baseline for equipment operation, which serves as a foundation for proactive maintenance. Analyzing this baseline provides timely suggestions on when materials like engine lubricants and worn parts may require replacement. The system also identifies anomalies, flagging equipment that deviates from its established regular operation for prompt attention.


RPM² ™ is a valuable tool for conducting comparative analyses of assets, enabling a detailed assessment of their usage patterns, efficiency levels, and overall performance across a fleet. This data-driven approach leads to improved business intelligence and more informed decision-making. Additionally, it facilitates seamless tracking for warranty purposes, ensuring efficient and timely maintenance.

RPM² Market Applications

IoT Ecosystem

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