Today (September 25) is One Hit Wonder Day 2018. At first glance, it might seem there is no connection between flash-in-the pan singing success and pumps, but hear us out… (pun intended).

Cornell Pump is the opposite of a one hit wonder; we’ve had a solid string of success with our pumps and products from RB agricultural series, CB open drive refrigeration, hot oil cooking pumps, Cycloseal® sealing system, to new breakout stars in the Arctic King hermetic, STX self primers, SP robust slurry pump, and more.

But, we do enjoy music in the shop where we manufacture all our pumps here in Oregon, and many catchy tunes come over the airwaves of our local Portland FM stations.

So, we are celebrating the day that Steven Rosen, a music journalist at Creem, Rolling Stone, Guitar Player, and many other magazines, created in 1990, to celebrate the fame that some musicians enjoy for a catchy five-minute (or less) ditty.

You can find numerous Top 10/ Top 25, lists of one hit wonders; marketing at Cornell Pump is partial to Safety Dance by Men Without Hats (1982), and 99 Luftballons by Nena (1984).


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