Cornell’s Energy Efficiency Can Pay back in Months

For more than 70 years, Cornell pumps have been among the most efficient in the industry. Our engineers take care in designing robust pumps with excellent hydraulics.

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The efficiency difference can be significant though—the Cornell 6RB pump, with 88% efficiency, has a Brake Horse Power of 124 versus another manufacturer’s pump at 78% efficiency and 139.9 Brake Horse Power. If using electricity at 11 cents per Kilowatt hour, the Cornell Pump would save more than $3,000 a year when run 3000 hours a year. Over five years, the savings is more than $20,000!

Our Pump-Flo sizing program offers examinations of run conditions/ efficiencies of Cornell clear liquids and solids handling pumps.

Pump-Flow Curve Screen


Pump-Flo energy cost calculator