Business lends Cornell pump to Thai Government to help ease historic flooding

1611201127316112011270icon-75x75-industrialThe Problem:
Flooding destroying lives and disrupting businesses. Monsoon flooding of Thailand began in July 2011, and continued for months—pushing southward from the highlands to the capital. More than 500 people died and the lives of 2 million more were disrupted.

A pump distributor in Bangkok was preparing a Cornell 14NHG-RP-F18DB pump for a customer when the worst of the flooding hit the capital city. The distributor’s warehouse and production facility were filling with water as they raced to complete fabrication of the pump system for the client.

The Solution:
The pump was delivered to the client on October 20, 2011. They immediately lent the Cornell 14NHG-RP-F18DB, complete with an ABB 150 Horsepower 6P engine, as well as another submersible pump, to the Thai government to help dewater one of the worst flooded districts, Samutsakorn.

The pumps were set up by the distributor and were in place for more than two weeks. During that time, millions of gallons of water where removed from the flooded district. The distributor and the customer were happy to help provide the pump, the Thai government appreciated the technical assistance and expertise, and Cornell Pump was pleased that one of our pumps once again took an import role in alleviating a crisis.

Without the Cornell Pump and the graciousness of the customer in lending it out, it is expect that flooding would have been much worse—with a commensurately higher loss of life and property.

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