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Cornell Pump uses the latest techniques in designing, manufacturing and the rigorous testing of its products. This has allowed Cornell to be the first with major advancements in the industry including the external hydraulic balance line, the vertical mount inducer, Cycloseal® and many, many others. These Pump Selectors have been designed to make the selection of Cornell Pumps even easier than before. It is fully indexed, cross referenced and laid out so that the user follows a logical progression from application to pump selection. We also have our PUMP-FLO® program available for computer aided pump selection. To access PUMP-FLO®, click the link on the left hand side of the page. This pump selector is intended to be used as a guide for pump selection only. The number of variables involved in a typical system require a good working knowledge of hydraulics and pumps to make a proper selection. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all information contained herein, Cornell does not warrant either expressed or implied to the correctness of the information enclosed.

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Pump Selectors available so far:

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