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Here you will find tools to help you find and select the exact pump for your application. The eCatalog has all of our pump curves and models in it. It is a downloadable PDF (13mb). Need a physical copy of our catalog, just request one from the Pump Selector page. Finally, the last tools offered are the PUMP-FLO™ program and our Business Partner Portal, both external programs. Click on any of the these great tools below.

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Available brochures cover pumps for specific industries and general information on pump options and features.

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Application Sheets

Download and read our application sheets for real-life success stories of Cornell Pump installations.

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Data Sheets

Download the most recent data sheet available for Cornell Pump models for detailed specifications including curves, construction materials, and mounting configurations.

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Beyond this link is the Cornell eCatalog. This is a digital catalog of our entire range of pump models, curves, dimensions and literature in one comprehensive .pdf. Viewing it in a browser works best as it draws the .pdf's from our server. If you have troubling viewing the eCatalog, or have a question in general, please contact us and let us know how we can help you.

Mobile Toolkit

Cornell’s Mobile Toolkit is used for checking hydraulic conditions of open and closed systems, comparing results to find the best suited Cornell product, and providing an invaluable in-field tool to pump calculations. Cornell Pump’s Mobile Toolkit includes:

  • TDH Calculator
  • NPSH Calculator
  • Friction Loss Calculator
  • Cornell Pump Product Catalog
  • Saved Work Function

The tool kit is free to download for Apple or Android here:

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Pump Selectors

Cornell Pump uses the latest techniques in the design, manufacturing and testing of its products. This has allowed Cornell to be the first with major advancements in the industry including the external hydraulic balance line, the vertical mount inducer, Cycloseal and many, many others. These Pump Selectors have been designed to make the selection of Cornell Pumps even easier than before. It is fully indexed, cross referenced and laid out so that the user follows a logical progression from application to pump selection. This pump selector is intended to be used as a guide for pump selection only. The number of variables involved in a typical system require a good working knowledge of hydraulics and pumps to make a proper selection. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all information contained herein, Cornell does not warrant either expressed or implied to the correctness of the information enclosed.

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Business Portal

If you are Cornell Pump customer and would like to access the Partner Portal, please contact us on the right side under INFO and request permission. Clicking the link takes you to an external site. All rights reserved.

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Two Ways to Use Pump-Flo

You can access our pump selection tool on the web from any device. No software download is required, and catalogs are updated automatically.

Launch Web Selector

You can also install or update a standalone desktop version that allows you to make selections independent of a web connection.

Install Desktop Program

Update your Desktop Catalogs

We release periodic updates to our desktop program pump catalog files. Installing the update allows you to get the latest pump performance data without re-installing the entire program.

Install Catalog Update - release date June 3, 2016

The latest catalog file includes the following changes:

Over 500 curves updated.