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Cornell pumps are designed and engineered for the most rugged and demanding installations. From the Antrim to Woodford Shales, Cornell pumps have exceed operating expectations, and provided hydraulic fracturing companies unprecedented uptime, reliability, and efficiency. Cornell pumps have been designed and manufactured to exacting standards since 1946 in Portland, OR. We supply pumps for not only Oil and Gas exploration/extraction, but also mining, municipal, agricultural, food processing, industrial, and rental applications.



Cornell's Redi-Prime® pumps offer the widest range of Dry Prime pumps in the industry from 1.25" though 30" discharge size. Virtually all of Cornell's Solids Handling and Clear Liquids handling centrifugal pumps can be fitted with the Redi-Prime® system. The pump of choice for rental companies and OEM's around the world, you'll find Cornell's Redi-Prime® pumps in a wide range of applications in the Municipal, Agricultural, and Industrial markets.

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D.A.F. (Dissolved Air Flotation)

Dissolved Air Flotation (or D.A.F.) is a process in which tiny air molecules bind themselves to Solids particles and then float to the surface of a holding tank, allowing the Solids to be skimmed from the surface.

Through the combination Cornell's patented Cycloseal® and an innovative impeller design, the Cornell D.A.F. Pump is able to create a sub-atmospheric pressure region in the seal chamber, forming compressed micro-bubbles that are then dissolved into the pumpage. This process helps eliminate the need for an air saturation tank and compressor required in many flotation systems. Cornell's innovations enhance performance in many existing D.A.F. systems, as well as set up and efficiency savings in new designs.

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Solids Handling

Cornell offers a wide range of Solids Handling pumps, from 1.25" though 30" discharge size, to handle the most difficult waste water applications. Cornell Solids Handling pumps can be found in a wide range of applications in the Municipal, Agricultural, and Industrial markets; and are available in a variety of mounting configurations including Close-Coupled, SAE Engine, Horizontal, and Vertical mounted.

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MP Series

MP SERIES MINING PUMPS ARE DESIGNED FOR COARSE ABRASIVES. Cornell Pump Company's MP Mining Pump Series combines 65 years of innovate pump manufacturing and design, with our highly regarded patented Cycloseal® technology. Offering high operating pressures, the MP pumps are specifically designed for coarse abrasive slurry applications such as sand, gravel, coal, manure, and mine dewatering.

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Self-Priming Series

Cornell has redesigned our popular self-priming to line have the best efficiencies in the industry. Combined with our patented-Cycloseal® back plate technology, the pump is durable, powerful, and energy efficient.


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Application Sheets

We create application sheets whenever great projects come through that we want to spotlight. App sheets are comprised of really great applications and stories from around the globe.